Long ClawsonChurch of England Primary SchoolWhatever you do, work at it with all your heart


Welcome toLong ClawsonChurch of England Primary School "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart"Colossians 3:23


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Here at Long Clawson CE Primary School we aim to provide a broad, balanced curriculum which gives each child a wide range of learning opportunities to develop and foster their natural curiosity and strengthen their desire to learn. We endeavour to make activities purposeful, stimulating, and wherever possible, we encourage learning through first hand experiences.


There is a strong emphasis on the basic groundwork which is systematically and progressively taught throughout the school. This means that areas are revisited and skills and knowledge are acquired and built upon, giving continuity and progression to the children's work.


As a school we recognise the benefit of different approaches in achieving effective learning. To support this we use a variety of teaching styles and forms of pupil organisation, which include opportunities for whole class and group teaching. Class organisation can also be dictated by the numbers on roll at any one time. We are here, quite rightly, to serve the local community and as such are bound by the Local Authority's Admissions policy of accepting children into our school if they live within the village. Currently the largest year group we have is 16 and the smallest is 7: neither cohort being large by any standard. Where groups are slightly larger, appropriate support is put into place: this can either be through an extra teacher or a teaching assistant. Whatever the situation, we have a vast amount of experience in ensuring that the children receive the best education at all times.


Our Nov 2018 OFSTED inspection confirmed that:


'You and the team have developed the curriculum thoughtfully. It is broad and balanced and inspires pupils to learn. It provides engaging topics and places a high emphasis on pupils’ spiritual, moral, cultural and social development.'


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