Class Organisation

The children are currently organised into four main classes. Within each class, activities are differentiated to match the ability, educational needs and age of the pupils. Staffing is altered appropriately to reflect class numbers each year. However, the set up for each new school year might not be known until towards the end of the preceding summer term when pupil numbers are more accurate. As the children move through the school, they are provided with opportunities to work and socialise in larger groups to improve their skills and confidence in this area. YR/1, Y2/3 and Y4/5 give such an opportunity. In Y6 the children are able to return to a single cohort to consolidate the curriculum and prepare for the next step: secondary school.

Currently the four classes are organised as follows: -

Reception and Year 1

These two groups work together with Mrs Fulton, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Meynell. 

Years 2 and Year 3

This class is taught by Miss King. Teaching assistant support is in place to support small group work in the morning and afternoon.

Years 4 and 5
Mrs Lamb teaches the Y4/5 class, supported by a learning support assistant. 

Year 6

Mrs Kay teaches Year 6. We are very pleased that we are able to structure our classes in such a way that the Year 6 are currently taught as a single year group.  This means that we can pull everything together and round off the children's primary education beautifully in order that they leave us well prepared for the next stage of their educational journey.

Mrs Dawda,  the Head Teacher, is a teaching head teacher and therefore teaches across all classes at various times. She regularly covers classes, which means that she is always involved in the day to day teaching of the children and can ensure that teaching is of the highest standard in all areas.

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